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Who Am I?

There are two things I’m certain I was destined to be, a mum and a skin therapist.

My biggest love and accomplishment are my 3 gorgeous girls, but I was also blessed to have 2 business ventures before becoming a mum. Running a cosmetic clinic in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD gave me a taste of how busy fast-paced life is… whilst also having my second location in Fitzroy that was a medispa it was more of a relaxed mind-body soul vibe.

Whilst I had the idea of working on the Business opposed to in the business…. when you embark on motherhood you get hit with a sledgehammer of reality. I wanted to be the best mum possible and hands-on.. so I parted with my career for a short term.

After having my second daughter I realised I was destined to be more than just a mum, I needed to embark on my thirst for transforming skin again.

Finding a balance between career and motherhood is a great challenge but we made it work. I’ve been operating my skin studio from home now since 2017 and its the best decision I’ve ever made. My third daughter was only 2 weeks old when I saw my first client after birth… and I managed to work all throughout my pregnancy. Having the ability to combine my passion for skin and motherhood is honestly one of the most rewarding aspects of my life, and I would like to thank all my loyal clients that have been part of this journey with me, some even dating back as far as 2006.

In my early days of the beauty industry, I was honoured to work with some luxury brands such as SK II, Clarins, La Mer etc…. this gave me a good dive into the cosmetic industry, having the knowledge to understand the difference between department based products and a clinical cosmeceutical is an imperative structure of one’s skin journey.

The next step was working for some of Melbourne’s largest laser chains such as Myskin laser clinic and Results laser clinic.

Being in management roles and growing with brands from conception has taught me imperative business and industry standards that have formed Skin By SJ…. whilst I have 16yrs of experience I never skip a beat to Upskill or refresh my knowledge to ensure high standards in both safeties and results in delivery.

Although clinical modalities and skincare are imperative for a beautiful canvas, healthy skin starts within and reflects on the outside which led me to my next venture embarking on inflammatory skin diseases linked to nutritional medicine.. my approach is very holistic and besides being a skin therapist I also thrive to be your skin coach too and look at all aspects of your life that is interrelated to a healthy microbiome that reflects beautiful glowing skin… are you ready to embark on this journey together?


Kind Words