Essential Skin Health

The DermaQuest skin journey starts by restoring and balancing all skin. The integrity of skin is fundamental to all medical skin care programs.

A dehydrated, irritated skin can often react to strong ingredients. Therefore, DermaQuest will commence an “essential skin health” program for all. Once micro cracks are fully restored, and your skin is in balance, then the pathway into more active ingredients can begin.

DermaQuest’s cosmeceutical collections provide luxury care, rich in botanical stem cells, peptides and vitamins. DQ products and sequences do so much more than soften and pamper your skin. While proper cleansing, hydration, strengthening and protection is the best program for all skin, DermaQuest strives to achieve “maximum skin health” for all. Addressing all skin conditions and achieving results through advanced treatment peels. The rewards of healthy, transformed and nourished skin are not only attainable, they are sustainable. DQ philosophy delivers stunning, long-term results.  DQ is the brand you’ll want to age with.

Maximum Skin Health

In the ongoing pursuit of youthful beauty, we are constantly bombarded with promises to turn back the years. But we want the results now, not tomorrow or the next day. It’s all about seeing that instant gratification. But what results are we actually expecting?

So, what really constitutes beauty &, more specifically, beautiful healthy skin? Most of us would agree that a healthy complexion can contribute to overall beauty & can be categorised as “radiant, even tone, smooth, soft, moist & plump”. In truth, we notice a beautiful complexion before specific features. Why do women wear makeup? Not only to enhance their features, but to give the illusion of beautiful flawless skin. There aren’t many women who can get away with ‘natural’ beauty. Most of us pile on products with the promise that we will look younger & paint on our war paint just to be able to face the world. What if you knew the formula for flawless, faultless & radiant skin!

DermaQuest has a clear strategy for brilliant skin results:

  1. work with the highest percentage of any active ingredient
  2. prescribe as many different active ingredients as possible

The concept is simple & designed to achieve Maximum Skin Health. How do we achieve the healthiest skin possible? Through a combination of six key, skin building ingredients. The ingredients include Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide (B3), Plant Stem Cells, Peptides, Vitamin C, & Vitamin A. What makes this the perfect skin combination? These ingredients are a fertiliser for the face. This powerful combination ensures hydration & plumping, stronger more resilient skin, anti-ageing benefits, lightening brightening effects & a smoother texture. Basically, the healthiest skin you could imagine! What then is an unhealthy-looking skin?

A skin lacking hydration can be our biggest undoing. It can make the skin look creepy, tired and dull. Most of the time we may not even realise we don’t have enough moisture in our skin. Often, if the barrier function of our skin is impaired, not only can we develop inflammatory conditions, but we can also lose water through a process called trans-epidermal water loss or TEWL. This can make our skin parched and can be likened to a dry, cracked desert. There isn’t much life that survives under desert conditions & neither does our skin function properly in a dehydrated state. A dehydrated skin doesn’t allow for healthy cell turnover & preservation of connective tissues such as collagen & elastin. It sounds like we need to give the skin a big glass of water! Well this is exactly what Hyaluronic acid does.


Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a naturally occurring substance in the skin & is found in our extra cellular matrix, bathing our connective tissues in moisture & keeping them resilient. Molecularly, it can hold 1000 times its own weight in moisture, making it a great ingredient to apply topically to instantly boost the moisture in the skin. It plumps & leaves the skin feeling fresh, radiant and dewy. It also allows for better penetration of other ingredients, hence why DermaQuest Skin Rehydrating Serum which contains 40% Hyaluronic acid should be the first serum applied onto the skin both morning & night.


So if Hyaluronic acid boosts moisture in the skin, how can we improve the barrier function to prevent TEWL & protect the skin from environmental elements? Niacinamide is also known as Vitamin B3 & plays an important role in maintaining the barrier function of the skin. This barrier protects the skin against pollutants, bacteria & other irritants. Niacinamide stimulates two enzymes, NADH & NADPH. These enzymes are responsible for producing lipids, which are natural emollients for the skin. Lipids keep the skin conditioned, youthful & minimise lines & wrinkles. NADH & NADPH also communicate with the cells and are involved in producing cellular energy. As we age, as with most good things, NADH and NADPH levels start to decline. Niacinamide applied topically has been shown to slow the rate of decline. Think about an oily skin – it doesn’t look as aged as a lipid ‘dry’ skin.

With our barrier working more effectively, conditions like acne, rosacea & inflammatory conditions in the skin can be more effectively managed. B3 will also address an uneven skin tone. Studies have shown it is able to prevent melanin (pigment in our skin) transfer from melanin-producing cells deeper in the skin into melanin-containing cells on the skin’s surface. One of the advantages of Niacinamide is that it can be used long term without side effects, making it a great alternative to Hydroquinone. DermaQuest Niacinamide Youth Serum not only features 10% Niacinamide but it is formulated with peptides.


There has been great buzz around Stem Cell technology in particular plant based stem cells. They have been found to be particularly useful in times when the skin needs extra antioxidant protection & cell regeneration & wound healing. It is interesting that certain plants can survive really harsh conditions in nature and still thrive. Scientists have discovered that these plants have a very strong defence mechanism and it is found in the stem cells of the plant. There is a process that allows the extraction of this defence molecule from the stem cell, which has the properties of a very powerful antioxidant when delivered into the skin. The Edelweiss stem cell stimulates the skin, enhances collagen production, prevents the breakdown of Hyaluronic acid, and aids in wound healing & protection of the skin against environmental factors. DermaQuest Skin Rebuilding Serum is an important inclusion in the Maximum Skin Health regime to ensure proper healing & prevention of collagen breakdown. This gel based serum can be used morning and night.


Proteins are found in every cell in the human body & are important components of structural tissues in our hair, skin & nails. If we break a protein down we get amino acids – these can be described as the building blocks of proteins. Quite simply, amino acids linked together form a peptide. So where do peptides fit into this equation? In the middle! Peptides are smaller than proteins and are made up of shorter chains of amino acids. So why use peptides in skincare rather than proteins? Protein molecules are too large to penetrate the skin, but peptides (being a much smaller molecule) can penetrate into the deeper layers of skin. The role of a peptide is as a chemical messenger. It communicates with the cells to perform a specific function. Matrixyl was the first commercially used peptide in skincare & it is what we would class as a collagen stimulating peptide. It stimulates C1 collagen – our structural collagen & makes up 80% of collagen in our skin.

Argireline another well-known peptide & is often termed as ‘Botox in a bottle’. Argireline is what we would class as a neuropeptide. When we use the muscles in our face for expression, the nerves send a signal to the muscle to contract. When we overuse these muscles we develop more permanent expression lines that can be seen when the face is relaxed. Argireline interrupts the signal that is sent from the nerve to the muscle which in turn keeps the muscle in a more relaxed state. The effect of peptides is accumulative. Results are seen as soon as two weeks, with best results after 12 weeks. DermaQuest Peptide Facial Booster is a combination of 8 different peptides including Matrixyl, Syn-Coll, Sn@ke, Rigin, Eyeliss & Regu Age, Snap-8 & Argireline at a total of 60%. Best applied both morning & night.


Antioxidant protection of the skin against the ageing effects of UV damage is important in a climate like ours. For many, uneven skin tone & pigmentation is a real concern. When topically applied, Vitamin C acts like a powerful antioxidant & is involved in the synthesis of connective tissue production including collagen. It protects the skin against harmful UV rays, preventing photo damage & lightens & brightens the appearance of the skin. DermaQuest, always being on the cutting edge of new ingredients and technologies, use the newest form of Vitamin C in their products called BV-OSC (bio-vitamin-oil-soluble-C). As the name suggests, it is an oil soluble form which allows for a much higher penetration rate. It also makes the Vitamin C stable without the problem of oxidising in a short period of time as most other forms of vitamin C do. It is a non-irritating form as, being oil soluble rather than water soluble, it does not need to have a very acidic pH to allow for penetration.

DermaQuest C3 Serum combines Vitamin C with other antioxidants including Alpha Lipoic Acid to enhance the protective qualities of Vitamin C, making it a serum that is best applied in the morning. Think of it as a bodyguard for the skin enhancing the overall UV defence in the skin.


Another antioxidant ingredient that is important for normalising all the cell functions in the skin is Vitamin A. It has the ability to increase the density of the dermis while smoothing and refining the texture of the epidermis. It is one of the most powerful ingredients to fight against & reverse the signs of ageing in the skin. It reduces lines & wrinkles, refines pores, reverses UV damage, balances oil production & reduces acne breakout. This makes it an essential ingredient for all skins but some forms of Vitamin A can be very irritating, leading to redness, light sensitivity & flakiness. The acidic forms of Vitamin A that tend to be available on prescription can sometimes cause these unwanted side effects which cause people to stop using Vitamin A before they are seeing the real benefits.

Retinol and Retinyl Palmitate are the non-acidic forms of Vitamin A which need to be converted by the skin into the acidic form. These are less likely to cause irritation & unwanted side effects. DermaQuest A2 Serum contains 0.45% retinol & 2.25% Retinyl Palmitate – a total of 2.28% Vitamin A content. Vitamin A is best used at night & may require you to build up to everyday use as it can be very stimulating.

When combined together these 6 key ingredients result in Maximum Skin Health. DermaQuest formulates these ingredients in the form of fast-absorbing serums which allow the best penetration into the skin.