BEST FOR Immune Protection, Stress Management, Collagen Preservation
Add 10 grams (approx. 2.5 tsp) to 250mL of water and drink daily.
Delicious with your Beauty Renewal, Miracle Collagen or both!


Protect is our full-spectrum master formula for immune protection, stress management, protection against early signs of ageing and oxidative stress and helps enhance collagen formation and preservation.

The good sources of Vitamin C paired with Zinc help heal scarring and pitted skin and assist with skin repair and reformation.


: Working to harmonize both the body’s sleep and stress responses, potent adaptogens Reishi and the ‘Beauty Berry’ Schisandra, combine to elevate tranquillity and immunity, while amplifying regeneration within the complex structures of the skin-matrix.

: Abundant in antioxidant-rich superfruits to support tissue repair, manage physiological stressors in the body and preserve collagen production. This nourishing blend of super-berries, including Raspberry, Pomegranate, Elderberry, Cranberry and Blueberry help protect your cells from free-radical damage and oxidative stress, known precursors to accelerated aging.

: Essential to immune function and tissue repair, all-natural Vitamin C paired with Zinc bind together to act as a protection powerhouse, supporting immune function, while dually drenching cells in the nutrients necessary for optimal cellular turnover, regeneration and vitality.

ZINC: Acting as a multi-functional and essential mineral in the body, Zinc supplies both internal systems and external defences with the necessary support for optimal regeneration and tissue healing while laying the foundation for skin renewal and collagen production.

AMINO ACIDS: Critical amino acids L-Glutamine and Glycine work to heal and regenerate soft tissue cells and muscle fibres, allowing the body to holistically rest and repair.

Providing the body and its systems with the proteins necessary to rebuild, all organ and skeletal systems benefit from key amino acids.